Mr. Peter Huessy
Member of the Advisory Board

Peter Huessy is President of his own defense consulting firm, PRH&CO, and its subsidiary, GeoStrategic Analysis, both founded in 1981. Mr. Huessy has served as a consultant to a number of defense clients, helping to cover congressional activities, monitoring budget and policy developments on missile defense and related matters. Mr. Huessy prepares weekly reports for the group on nuclear activities in and outside of government, including arms control, proliferation, long range precision strike, conventional prompt long range strike, nuclear deterrence and nuclear strategic modernization.

For the Missile Defense Information Group, Mr. Huessy serves as a consultant on Congressional, Legislative and Government Relations. He monitors missile defense activities in and out of government, including matters within DOD, the Department of State, the White House and National Security Council, foreign governments, Congress, the GAO and CBO, non-governmental organizations, think tanks and universities.

Since 1983, Mr. Huessy has hosted over 1000 Congressional breakfast seminars on Capitol Hill dealing with missile defense, strategic nuclear modernization, strategic airlift, strategic bombers, proliferation, arms control, defense policy, and homeland security, including port and maritime security and nuclear terrorism.

Mr. Huessy has been associated with major arms control and strategic modernization efforts since the early 1980s. His professional and educational background have provided him with an authoritative knowledge of the history of arms control efforts, the politics of arms control, the congressional role in the arms control process and the geostrategic and allied aspects of arms control policies. Mr. Huessy lectures on nuclear terrorism, key nuclear challenges, missile defense and proliferation issues and was a Featured Writer for Frontiers for Freedom. He occasionally writes for Human Events, is now a Contributing Editor to Family Security Matters and Big Peace and was formerly an occasional columnist for the Washington Times.

Mr. Huessy studied at Columbia University School of International Affairs in 1973-75 and is short a French proficiency requirement for graduation. He attended classes at Columbia University School of Law from 1973-75 which was offered in conjunction with the School of International Affairs curriculum. He graduated with degrees in anthropology, international relations and national security policy from Beloit College in 1972, while also having studied abroad at Yonsei University in Seoul in 1969-70, Republic of Korea.

He served as Chief Governmental Affairs Officer of the Environmental Fund (1976-79), and Assistant to the Director of the Office of Surface Mining for Legislation and Congressional Affairs and later Special Assistant for State Relations, to the Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Energy and Minerals. He also was a consultant to the Program in Science and Technology at the George Washington University from 1981-82.

He wrote occasional columns for the Committee on the Present Danger on the need for the Patriot Act, Border and Homeland Security, Counter Terrorism and Counter Proliferation. He has appeared on radio and television to discuss current defense issues. He has spoken at forums at the Council on Foreign Relations, the Air Force Association, and the Reserve Officers Association of America about counter proliferation, Iran, North Korea, Russian energy and nuclear weapons interests, missile defense and nuclear terrorism.